Dear Parents

Let's raise entrepreneurial kids.

"With good resources and right direction, you can also encourage, educate and empower your child with key entrepreneurial skills that they need to be successful in every walk of life. Entrepreneurial mindset is the best gift you can ever give to your child!" says Neha Kadiyala (Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor and Founder of BOSSKidz).

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Our Vision

To define an entrepreneurship curriculum that complements current primary and secondary school education and empowers young people to reach their true potential in every walk of life.

Our aim is to make entrepreneurial learning accessible by kids of all ages. We believe entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies. It is a skillset and a way of thinking. 

Entrepreneurial thinking involves identifying needs, brainstorming creative solutions, taking calculated risks, learning from failure, and persevering despite setbacks. In short, it’s about having a dream and making it a reality.

Our Mission

To sow the seeds of entrepreneurial mindset among young people. Cultivate the mindset of dreaming big, endless possibilities, and an awareness of what it takes to get there.

Our Values

We focus on nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset from a very early age — to allow young people to to learn from failure, be resourceful and confident, and work well with others to succeed in every walk of life.

Thanks for being part of our movement to spread the entrepreneurial mindset around the world.